10 most popular travel destinations in Europe

Europe is a very popular place to travel from around the world. We have a list of the most popular places to visit in Europe. Asians, Indians and Americans visit Europe to see all those beautiful places. But also fellow europeans vists those places all the time.

10. Madrid
Madrid is the capital of Spain and place for million of tourists. Madrid has much to offer for different types of travellers. The city has many historic buildings to offer, everything from the former royal family’s palace to large churches etc. A lot of people also comes to the city to watch sports. Especially football, since Real Madrid and Atl. Madrid has their home field in Madrid.

Picture of Madrid

9. Lissabon, Portugal
Lissabon is really popular because of it’s location really south, so there’s warm and good weath most of the year. The city is placed close to the ocean and is the most popular travel destination in Portugal.

Picture of Lissabon

8. Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and a lot of people come to Prague to enjoy good food and beer at really great prices. Prague is a city full of charm with the river going through the city, which are being crossed by small bridges. The city also have wonderful places to offer like a palace, churches and parks.

Picture of Prague

7. Florence, Italy
Florence is really pretty and charming city in Italy. It’s well known for it’s art museums and the charm with street muscians and relaxing culture. Florence has one of the largest churches in Europe and the famous Vecchio-bridge with all the small shops.

Picture of Florence

6. Milano, Italy
Milano is known as the city of fashion. A lot of people come to Milano to enjoy the great shopping opportunities and food the city has to offer. The center of the city are build for hundreds of years ago, which makes it very unique. Sports fans also come to Milano to see the two large football clubs A.C. Milan and Inter Milan, but also Formel 1 in Monza close by.

Picture of Milano

5. Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is the most popular travel destination in Spain. Barcelona is know for great beaches, warm weather and spanish tapas. The city also have museums and historic buildings that are worth seeing. From Barcelona it’s possible to sail to islands like Mallorca, Ibiza etc, which makes it a great location for people, who like to see more than one city. The city is also home for the popular football club F.C. Barcelona.

Picture of Barcelona

4. Crete, Greece
Crete is known for it’s white sandy beaches and wonderful islands nearby. It’s a place tourists comes to enjoy and relax from their stressfull daily day. Some of the greatest beaches in Europe are placed in Crete.

Picture of Crete

3. Rome, Italy
Rome is the most popular city for travellers in Italy. Millions come to this city to see the very historic buildings from the roman times. The city also have warm weath most of the month, so it’s a popular place for people to come relax with excellent food and wine.

Picture of Rome

2. Paris, France
Paris is the capital of France, but mostly known as the city of love. Paris has it’s own charm with small caffées, shops, museums and beautiful parks. The city has so much great food and wine to offer, so it’s a perfect place to take your loved one for a surprise weekend. Paris have so many historic buildings and places to go.

Picture of Paris

1. London, England
For many people it’s a surprise that London is the most popular city in Europe. The main reason for this, is that the city is placed closed to other large cities in Europe, but also New York. London has it’s own style with tall buildings combined ´many historic buildings, including Buckingham Palace. London is known as the capital of England, but also the most important business city of Europe.

Picture of London
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