How to avoid injuries?

We all know the feeling of having great workout sessions ruined with injuries. Some injuries are less serious than others, but no matter what injuries is not good for you. Injuries typically comes if you are doing something wrong or your work load is too much. Here are some good ways to avoid injuries.

Warm up

This one seems very simple, but actually there are many people who don’t warm up enough before they get started. Make sure that your muscles are completely warmed up before you start workoung out heavy. It can be an idea to start out with some general warm up like slow running and after that start out with like half of the weight or speed you are going to use later.

Do the exercises correctly

Injuries often comes when people don’t do the exercise correctly. It’s important to get the technique right before you do the heavy workout. If you don’t do the techniques right you might get injuried your ligaments instead of just training your muscles. 

Get the right food

Make sure that your body gets all the vitamines and minerals as need it. When you workout you demand more of the your body and it has to recover. Food is a very important factor in recovery.

Recovery time

Recovery is very important, as prior mentioned food is important for your recovery. But sleep is also very important. Most people need like 8 hours of sleep every night to fully recover.

Don’t workout too often

Your body sometimes needs full days to recover. Be sure not to workout the same several days in row. Give every muscle at least 48 hours of relaxing before training it again. 

Workout heavy instead of way too many reps and sets

The more reps and sets you do, the more you straining your ligaments, which increases your chances of injuries. Instead try to work heavier with less reps and sets. At the end it’s also a better way to increase muscle mass. But be aware of having the techniques right first.

Stretching and cool down

Make sure to stretch and cool down after workout. This is a good way to prevent injuries and get your body ready for recovery stage.

These advice should keep you free of unnecassary injuries and keep you in great shape.

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