How to find out who your costumers are?

Your costumers might not be the ones you think at first. Your costumers will typically buy your product based on something they have in common. The faster and more accurate you find out who your costumers are, the better you can reach your costumers. 

Finding the right target group can be done in different ways. You can do it by a survey, in which you ask facts of potential buys combined with what they think about your product. The following information about your costumers might be relevant for you to know, before you know the exactly who your costumers are:

  • Age – find out what age group who likes your product.
  • Location – where do your costumers live. Are the product more popular in some cities or countries that others?
  • Income group – find out if the income group have an impact  product.
  • Hobbies – find out if your costumers have the same hobbies.

There can be other information that are worth knowing. Find out, what questions you like to know about your costumers, then do a survey. The survey cam be done online like a contest for winning your product or you can ask people personally on a shopping street. 

Other things that are worth to find out besides who your costumers are, are the factors that matters the most for people to buy your product. There can be so many reasons and they can depend on each others. For example how much does price matters for your costumers? Do your costumers choose you because of the products your are offering or the costumer service? Also do people choose your product because of your products design or functions? The more you know the easier it is for you to create new products for your costumers and the better you know how to price your products. 

If you are doing a survey you can just as well include questions about what costumers think about your product or services.

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