How to find the right business name?

Finding the right business name can take a lot of time and requires a lot thinking and researching. First of all you have to find a name that are relatable to your businesses services or products. Next you have to find a name that your competitors doesn’t used and isn’t trademarked. Finally you have to make sure that you cam get a domain with the same business name. 

In the process of finding your business name you have to know how your costumers are. If you costumers are teenagera or young people you business name can easily sound trendy and be creative. If your costumers are elder people the name has to sound more trustworthy. At least as important is to find a name that your costumers can remember. 

It’s important that if your costumers have bought a product in from your business that they can remember the your business name if you want to buy new products a month later or if they talk to friends or family. If they cant remember your name you will have to spend more money and time reaching new costumers everytime. 

If your business is based around one product it’s often a good idea to use that product in your business name. It will make your business much more recognizable. Many businesses do so for example Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Bet365 etc.

If your business sells many products if might be a good idea to find a name that involves the category of products you sell. Example of businesses are Microsoft and eBay do this. 

If your range of products are wide you might go with a name that sounds good and brandable. Businesses like Apple, Nike and Amazon do this.

The best advise on how to find the right business name is to take your time, research and think about the name. You will come up with the right name over time. Just don’t choose a name that are too long or misspelled, it’s rarely a success.

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