How to learn a new language?

Learning a new language can be easy for some people and harder for others. It depends on many things, for example are some people better at learning languages, while others might be better at numbers or other things. 

It also depends on how much the language you want to learn reminds of the languages you already speak. For example it’s often easier for someone from Spain to learn Portuguese than a person from an English speaking country, because Spainish and Portuguese are more similar languages than they are to English. 

The difficulty of the languages depends on different things:

  • The alphabeat being used
  • The speed of the language
  • Your experience with similar languages

The alphabeat in some countries are much different. Most western countries have an alphabeat that are almost similar. The Russian related countries have their own, as well as the middle east countries as well as the African and Asian countries. 

The speed of the language can be much different. For example speaks the spanish speak countries much faster than the english speaking countries. It makes it harder for your to understand them and speak the same speed if you aren’t used to it.

There are many ways to learn a new language:

  • Find people who speak that language and pratice speaking with them
  • Using google translate to learn the language written
  • Using an app like duolingo to learn the language
  • Travel or stay in a country that speaks the language
  • Signup for language classes

The most important thing about learning a new language is to be motivated and put in the time to learn it. When you have learned it, it’s important that you keep using it, so you wont forget it again.

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