How to reach your costumers?

Reaching your costumers can be done in many ways. But not all ways are just as succesfull. Not only do you have to think about how to reach them, but you also have to reach them the right way, so they buy your products. 100 years ago, it required good sales persons to reach costumers, while today it’s all about marketing. Marketing gives you many options that are online today:

  • Google adwords (pay to get first on google)
  • Webside SEO (create quality contemt to be among the first on google for free)
  • SoMe (advertise for your products on social media)
  • Email marketing (reach costumers in their mailbox)

But you can still use other ways:

  • Mouth to ear method (get your current costumers to recommand your products to their friends, family or network)
  • Cold canvas (contact potential clients without previous contact)
  • Newspaper advertising (get seen in the local newspaper)
  • TV or radio advertising (get a wide audience to know about your product)

Only large companies do all the mentioned options. New companies would often try to contact their network first and often try online marketing because it can be cheap. Before you decide you also have to think where your target group are. If all your target group are the ypunger generations, it should be easiest to reach them byomoine marketing. If they are older, it can be better to rach them in the newspaper or by cold canvas. Also if your tagret ground have common interests, for example if they all have dogs, consider to get advertisementon dog related websites or in the pet store.

Many startup often believe that they should do everything theirselves. But getting and expert involved in online marketing can do wonders for your companies. Clients are cheaper to reach than most people believes. 

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