How to start your day fresh and healthy?

It’s always great to start out your morning in the best possible way to get a fantastic and successfull day. It’s no secret that the people having the best morning are also the happiest people doing the day. I will focus on the healthiest ways to start your morning. 

Go to bed at the right time

Your best morning routines starts the day before, when you have to consider what time, you are going to bed. As an adult you should get like 8 hours of sleep, which means that you should schedule to go to bed so you can get 8 hours every night. If you have nights with less than 8 hours you should also consider getting nights with more than 8 hours. But it’s best to get 8 hours every night, not a lot more or less than that. Studies even shows that if you go to bed and wake up the same time every day, it should be healthier for you. 

Wake up in good time

Waking up in good time is a key for you. You avoid getting stressed out and you have enough time to do all your morning routines.

Morning stretching

It’s great for your body to start out with stretching your muscles, so they get ready for a new day after several hours of relaxing.

Food in the morning

Healthy and enough food in the morning are very important. The first meal of the day is the most important one, so your body have energy to the day. Healthy type of meals for the morning can be muesli, eggs, fruit etc. But it’s a good idea to combinate it with fresh juice or smoothies. But try to avoid things with much sugar. 


It’s also a good idea to do some exercise in the morning, either simple workout routines at home or in the gym. If you aren’t much into working out in the morning, as short run or walk can be good as well. If you don’t live too far away from work then a bike ride to work will be great for you as well. But don’t eat too much before workout. Consider spread your breakfast in two, maybe smoothie and some fruit before workout, then more heavy food afterwards. 


Listening to music in the morning can help you getting in a great mood for the day. But avoid radio stations with news etc., it can be stressful. The best way is to playlists of your own.

What should you avoid in the morning

Well, this can be different between people but everything that can stress you out or decrease your mood. It can be news from newspaper, tv or radio. Other things can be snoozing to much in the morning, so you don’t have as much time as you should. Like they say: “You snooze, you lose”. Otherwise avoid talking too much in phone or texting, it will take you focus away and can stress you. Stimulating things like energy drinks or even coffee isn’t the best start, it’s just a way to stimulate your lack of sleep.  Remember being fresh and healthy is a lifestyle choice.

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