How to succeed with your goals?

Setting goals might be easy, but succeeding your goals are difficult. Some people makes a list of things they want to archive, while others just thinks about it. Many people want to live healthier and become more fit, which usually starts out with joining a fitness club in the beginning of the new year or after a slow period in their life.

All the fitness professionals knows this, which is why they are doing a lot of the advertising at this moment and gives you great offers on joining then immediately. Unfortunately most people start out the new year well, but can’t hang in there and the rest of the year will be the usual thing. There can be several reasons for this, but here are mine advise to how you get started and complete your New Year’s wish. It doesn’t matter if it’s related to fitness, health or most other things in life, the same principal is very useful. But I will generally focus on health and fitness.

The best thing you can do is not to setup many new things you want to do, since it takes time and adjustment to realize most of them. To begin with setup 1-2 goals. An example of this could be to lose weight. You have to make your goal possible to measure, meaning if you want to lose weight, you have to set up a goal of how much and when you have to complete it. It can to lose 40 lbs within 6 months, keep in mind your goal has to be realistic.

Next step you have to do is figure out, what you need to do to get there. How often do you need to workout and how are you going to change your daily food. An answer to this could be that you need to workout 3 times a week and you make healthy home cooked food at least 5 times a week.

When you begin your journey to realize your goal, then you have to keep in mind, that your body might not be used to workout and live very healthy. This usually means that most people start out very hard the first 2-3 week of the year and then they either get injured or can’t keep up the work, since it’s hard and painful. Therefore, the best advice is to start out slowly. First 2-3 weeks you might only be able to workout 2 times a week and it can be painful, if you push yourself hard.

To begin with it’s more important doing the workout right and successful than force something you might not be possible to do. The same counts for food, if you aren’t use to eat healthy and you usually eat Pizza and Burgers, then it will take time to adjust. Keep in mind that it usually takes like 21 days to change a habit. For the first 3 weeks will be the hardest, but after that you will probably realize that you’re getting more fit.

Good luck succeeding your goals. 

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