How to workout and eat correctly?

Have you ever wondered if you are doing the right things? Like most effective workout routines? Eating the right things? Or do you wonder how to start out? I will give you some tips to how you find out if you are doing the right things for you. What kind of workout you should do depends on what your goal is. Most people have one of the following goals with the workout:

Weight loss

Weight loss workout will mainly focus on you losing weight, but at the same time you will increase muscles if you aren’t used to workout.

Weight loss workout will typically require workout with high pulse, which helps your body increase calories faster. High pulse workout can be workout like bike spinning, interval running, crossfit and similar. The higher intensity you put your large muscle group through the more you will burn. Therefore it might be a good idea to do one of the mentioned workouts and at the same time do a little weight training to use all your muscles.

The diet for this should mainly focus on vegetables, fruit etc. like mentioned from me in this post the other day.

Weight loss and get stronger

Weight loss and at the same time getting stronger, typically means that your weight will go slower down, but you will increase muscle weight, which looks much better on your body. 

Like with the weight loss workout you will have to do high pulse workout, but not as much focus on the same type of trainings. I would recommend that you do the same workout as for weight loss every second time and do weightlifting the other times. Your weightlifting training would be best if you make routines of several different workouts in row, so you can keep the pulse up.

The diet for this should be healthy with vegetables, fruit, no sugar and limited fat. But at the same time, you should be sure that your body get enough protein to recover. If you eat enough meat or fish during the day, it should be enough, if you don’t you should consider taking a small protein shake right after workout.

Bulk up

By bulking up you will gain more weight, but the weight is mainly from increasing your muscle weight.

Bulking up requires that every time you workout that you punishes yourself to the limit which means that your muscles might hurt at the end of the workout. Bulking up the right way should mean that you workout each muscle group equally. I have seen guys with huge arms and breast, but no legs muscles. It doesn’t look great, so don’t forget your legs. To push your muscles it normally require a lot of sets with high weight. Therefore, it’s normal to either train half or third of your body one day, then the rest the following days etc. 

Bulking up usually means that your muscles require to recover well, therefore most people do take protein shakes after workout. If you don’t then it’s possible that you can workout as much as you want, since your muscles isn’t recovered. There are different definitions of bulking up, some do it so it’s only muscle weight which is increasing, while others do it so it’s fat as well. If your focus is on muscle without fat weight gaining, then your diet should be focusing on vegetables, fruit and meat. If you are fat gaining as well, then you should eat a lot of unhealthy things like junk food.

No matter which of the categories you fit in, keep in mind that it doesn’t require every day workout for most people it’s enough to workout 3 times a week, just keep in mind that you everyday has to be active for at least 60 minutes and eat healthy food. 


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