How to make money online?

There are so many great options to make money from home. Some of the them only requires your time, while other requires a little bit of knowledge or money to invest.

We will walkthrough the most popular ways to make money from home, besides having a full time job from home.

Jobs on

Fiverr is an international platform where you can buy and sell all kinds of services that can be delivered over the internet. This can be anything from copywriting and programming to marketing assistance and video editing.

If you have some skills that you can sell, then Fiverr is a great portal to do it through. They take care of acquiring potential customers, so you just have to make sure to convey a persuasive sales text through your profile.

Many people around the world use Fiverr to supplement their income – or even as their primary source of income. Because it is a platform built to make money online, it is also obvious for those of you who want to travel the world thin and work from your computer along the way.

Create online courses

Earlier we talked about the fact that you can use a course to get started with affiliate marketing. Such a course is made by one or more people who know a great deal about a specific subject.

If there is a subject that you know a lot about, for example football, online marketing, gaming, study techniques, real estate investment or the like, then you might want to consider creating an online course.

A good online course can take a long time to create, but once it has been uploaded on one of the aforementioned platforms and has received good reviews, it can earn you money many years into the future.

Stock photos

Are you good at taking pictures or recording videos? But don’t really know what to do with all the photos and videos you take? Then you might consider selling them as stock photos or stock videos.

Stock photos are essentially images that others can buy a license to use. They are therefore not taken for a specific customer, but are instead often a bit more general, so that a wider range of customers find them interesting.

You can sell stock photos through websites such as:

• Shutterstock

• iStock (Getty Images)

• Adobe Stock

And many other sites.

Start a webshop or blog

It is easier than ever before to build your own webshop, website or blog – even if you are not necessarily technically inclined. There are a lot of systems that make it easy to get your own website online.

And while it is clear to understand how you can make money from home with a webshop, it might be a little trickier with a blog and a regular website. However, there are plenty of earning opportunities if you have your own blog.

In addition to using affiliate marketing, as we mentioned above, you can also set up advertisements on your blog, publish sponsored content (advertorials) and much more. All something that can be done from the sofa.


One of the most used systems for creating and running a webshop is Shopify. It really is an all-in-one solution where you can get started in just a few hours. A webshop created via Shopify is already equipped with a payment system and all the other functions that are necessary.

Shopify also has a large app store, where you can choose from countless plugins and add-ons that can make your webshop the best on the market. It can also be integrated with various dropshipping systems so that it can take care of itself in the long run. is a web host that sells web hotels, hosting and domains at sharp prices. It is therefore an obvious place to start, as it is a cheap way to get started.

When one day your website becomes so successful that the servers cannot cope with the many thousands of visitors, you can always upgrade your subscription at or switch to another hosting provider.

Another low cost web host is (formerly UnoEuro). They have a lot of fine web services that make it easy and cheap to get started with a new webshop, blog or website.

It is therefore also an obvious place to register and host your website if you want to quickly and cheaply start making money online.

Dropshipping makes it easy to start your own webshop

As we mentioned earlier, a dropshipping webshop can be the ultimate way to make money from home fast and legally. Firstly, it requires very little initial capital, and secondly, a dropshipping webshop can be largely automated.

Dropshipping works in such a way that you do not have your own warehouse, but instead have a supplier send your products directly to the customer. That way, you don’t have to invest money in goods. Instead, you can simply place the order with the supplier once you have received an order from a customer.

If you get a dropshipping webshop up and running, you only have to worry about getting new customers in the store.

Popular dropshipping services include:

• Alibaba

• AliExpress

• Oberlo

• Printful

Any webshop owner will tell you that a newsletter can do wonders for revenue. Therefore, you can use some time to find an email system that suits your needs. It is of course different from webshop to webshop and also depends on how much technical skill you possess.


Cryptocurrency is an overall term for virtual currency such as Bitcoin. How such a currency works can be somewhat elusive to many, but there is no doubt that there is ample opportunity to make a lot of money investing in cryptocurrency.

You’ve probably heard about the serious increases in the value of Bitcoin that made thousands of people millionaires (if not billionaires) a few years ago. Since then, several cryptocurrencies have appeared on the market, and if you want to learn a little about it, it can be a good way to make money online.

Etoro has made it easy to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies. And it’s an obvious place to start if you want to start making money from these virtual currencies.

Are you considering starting both stock trading and investing in cryptocurrency? Then you can advantageously kill two birds with one stone by using Etoro for both parts.

It’s an online social trading platform, which means you have plenty of opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency (and stocks), while also acting a bit like a big social community. It may sound strange, but it allows you to share your investments, experiences and so on with others, as well as to follow (and copy) others’ winning strategies.


Make money from home by lending money to strangers. Is it possible, you might ask? Yes, that’s actually the whole concept behind crowdlending.

Here you, as an investor, can lend money to loan providers around the world. In return, you get a share of the interest that the loan provider charges for their loan to the final borrower.

It is a rather interesting way of investing – in the sense that it can be relatively low risk. After all, most loans are paid back, especially if you spend some time investing in sound companies with financially sound borrowers.

All this takes place through so-called crowdlending platforms. Some of these promise up to 10% in returns, which is definitely not bad. I have tried quite a few different ones but would definitely recommend you to use the page below.

Make money online with a fixed and stable return via a crowdlending platform. Getting started is easy.

Cash back

The next option you have to easily and conveniently make money online is through cashback. Through cashback, you get paid for signing up for various competitions or completing questionnaires. It works in such a way that when you e.g. fill in a questionnaire, you receive an amount as a kind of ‘thank you for your help’. You can do this again and again by answering all the questionnaires on the cashback page,

You can also earn a little by shopping online. Yes, it might sound a little crazy, you think – but it’s true enough. It works by shopping at a webshop that offers cashback. If this webshop e.g. offers 5% in cashback, you get DKK 50 back when you shop for DKK 1,000. So if you still need to shop online, this is a good opportunity to get some of the money back. It can actually turn into a lot of money over a whole year if you use it every time you shop.

Affiliate marketing

If you would like to make money online and eventually turn this source of income into a passive income, you may want to consider affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a concept where a company pays others to market for them. Typically, it will take place in such a way that you will be paid a fixed amount or a percentage of the leads, clicks or sales that you obtain for a company.

For example, if you have an agreement with a webshop where you get 10% in commission, and you refer a customer who buys for 1,000, you earn 100. There can be a lot of money in affiliate marketing if you build a solid site up or manages to gain many followers.

It may be that you have a large network or many followers on social media that you can refer. But even if you’re not an influencer, you can still make money from affiliate marketing. This could, for example, be through a website that can refer to.

Online casino

One of the favorite ways to make money from home is to play online casino. Just like a traditional casino, there is an opportunity to win big when you play online.

It just requires effort and a solid dose of luck, then you can be lucky to win many thousands, if not millions of kroner. And the best of all? Winnings from games and gambling are tax-free.

We have selected our favorite casino, which is definitely worth a visit if you want to start gambling online.

– Be aware that winnings are not guaranteed with online casino games. There is a risk of losing your bet, so don’t gamble for money you can’t afford to lose.

Online questionnaire surveys

Next to online casino on the popularity scale of ways to make money online, we find online questionnaire surveys.

You may remember in the old days when you were called by various market analysis companies? They asked if you were interested in answering a questionnaire over the phone. Of course, it cost the companies a lot of money to have so many telephone interviewers.

Therefore, they have found a cheaper method of conducting prank survey; namely via the Internet. Instead of paying salaries to an army of employees, they now pay you a small amount to complete these online survey surveys.

It’s unlikely to get you rich, but it’s a good way to supplement your income. Below are some of those who pay money to answer questionnaire surveys.

Real estate investment

Another of the widespread low-risk investment options that make it possible to make money from home is real estate investing. The problem with this is that it requires you to have the capital to invest in a property.

If you have it, there are, however, very good opportunities to get a stable income alongside your primary source of income.

Typically, property investment works in such a way that you buy a property that can be rented out. It can be an apartment, a villa, a terraced house or even business premises. The idea is that you get enough rent to (at least) cover the mortgage, while the property increases in value.

It’s rarely a get-rich-here-and-now solution, but it’s proven to be one of the most stable long-term investments. It is also a sensible way to secure an income once you have retired.

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