Where to find the best whiskey

Whiskey is an alcoholic drink that originally originated in China, where it was first used in connection with illness. Today it is primarily known as a drink for older men, but good whiskey has had a minor renaissance in recent years.

You may not know much about whiskey, and the only association you can come up with is western films. However, whiskey is especially popular with men. There are countless kinds of whiskeys with productions all over the world. In this article, we will try to make you more aware of what constitutes a good whiskey. In addition to that, you will get to know different types of whiskey and thus more suggestions for good whiskey. When talking about whiskey and what types exist, you often divide by geography. This is primarily about Scotland, Ireland and America.

Scotch whiskey

In order to be allowed to call a whiskey Scotch, it must have been distilled and aged in Scotland for a minimum of 3 years. However, many are stored much longer. Whiskey from Scotland is usually made from malted barley, and this is called malt whisky. The other type of Scotch whiskey is grain whiskey. This whiskey is made from different types of grain, rather than just one. In addition to that, Irish whiskey is distilled 3 times, where the norm for other productions is 2 times.
Different blends of these 2 types of whiskey give several subcategories of whiskey, including the popular ones:
– Single malt whiskey
– Blended malt whiskey
– Blended whiskey
– Cask whiskey
– Single Cask whiskey
In addition, Scotch whiskey is also divided into where it is produced in Scotland.
The Scotch whiskey often smells and tastes of smoke, which is due to the fact that, in connection with the drying of the malt, peat is used in their wood-burning stoves.

Irish whiskey


Irish whiskey is one of the earliest distilled drinks in all of Europe, and appeared way back in the 12th century. Irish whiskey is most often made from unmalted and malted barley, as well as a mixture of other grains. Irish whiskey is softer in taste and less smoky than Scotch whiskey. This is because the drying of the barley malt takes place in closed ovens with coal, rather than peat. Irish whiskey types are divided according to the types of grain and distillation process used, including:
– Single malt Irish whiskey
– Single pot still whiskey
– Grain whiskey
– Blended Whiskey

American whiskey

The American whiskey production was started by immigrants from Scotland and Ireland. They started out producing in the northern states, but over time it has moved further south. The most widespread production of whiskey today therefore takes place in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee. The manufacturing process is very similar to the Scottish and Irish method, albeit with slight differences. Since corn is naturally occurring in America, their whiskey is mainly made from it. In addition, hot air is usually used to dry the malted barley, rather than coal or peat. The most well-known type of American whiskey is Bourbon. Before you can call a whiskey Bourbon, it must comply with a large number of rules. The state of Kentucky accounts for 95 percent of all production of Bourbon. There are many different types of whiskey from America, but Bourbon is by far the most widespread.


Good whiskeys from other countries

In other countries, good whiskey is also produced, but often not to such a great extent. Most types of whiskey from other countries are produced with inspiration from either Scottish, Irish or American whiskey. Among them, whiskey from Japan has become popular. In recent years, Denmark has become a bigger and better producer of whiskey. This is mainly due to the Danish nature, which is ideal in connection with the production of good whiskey. Some of the well-known in this country are, among other things, Barunstein and Stauning. Below, a whiskey from Stauning has, among other things, won an award at the World Whiskeys Awards.
After a brief review of the different types of whiskey, we are now ready with our offer for a good whiskey:

Glendronach the original

The first whiskey is from Scotland, and is of the single malt type. This means, as mentioned earlier, that it is made exclusively from malted barley, and from one distillery. The distillery that makes this whiskey, Glendronach, is one of the oldest in all of Scotland. It started in 1825, and is located in the Scottish Highlands.
The aroma of this whiskey is very sweet, followed by a scent of lemon and vanilla. The taste is rich, creamy and has notes of sherry. It has an alcohol content of 43% and has been aged for 12 years. This whiskey is known as a classic, and we can therefore classify it as good whiskey.

Ardbeg ten

This whiskey is another single malt from Scotland. There is good reason for that, as Scotland is one of the best countries for producing good whisky. It is a classic made at one of the best distilleries in Scotland. It is located on the island of Islay, and was founded in 1798. However, they only started trading in whiskey in 1815.
It smells strongly of smoke and peat, exactly as it should. In addition to that, you pick up notes of citrus and caramel. In the mouth it feels light and clean with a taste of licorice.

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